Vivian Wilkes Award

This prize, awarded to the illustrator of the best South African illustrated book, was awarded every year from 1996 to 2005 and was named after Vivian Wilkes, a supporter of projects beneficial to children. A fund was established after her death, which included the amount of R3000 set aside for the winning illustrator each year.

List of Winners

1996     Ian Lusted for The King’s Magic Drum (Garamond)

1997     Anneliese Voigt for The Red Dress (Garamond)

1998     Elizabeth Pulles for Lulama’s Magic Blanket (Tafelberg)

1999     Niki Daly for Jamela’s Dress (Tafelberg)

2000     Niki Daly for Fly, Eagle, Fly (Tafelberg)

2001     Vian Oelofsen and Sue Kramer for Ah-Bekutheni (ELRU)

2002     Piet Grobler for Net een slukke, padda! (Human & Rousseau)

2003     Lyn Gilbert for The Song of Six Birds (Garamond)

2004     Niki Daly for Eenmaal lank gelede (Tafelberg)

2005     Natalie Hinrichsen for Tell the moon, by Ann Walton (Tafelberg)